Friday, October 29, 2010

macam ade kene mengena..

walopon orang ni tak kenal aku,
walopon aku tak kenal org ni,


ayat die bg mcm ade kene mengena dengan aku..
hahaha..terharu betol..kepada angela, your word had motivate me..thanks a lot..

sometimes, i feel like peoples only look the bad side of me..that makes me feel like down..down..down..(mcm lagu la pulak)..this is just what i feel..i dont know whether it is right or not..

my uncle said if nothing goes right, go left..
so it is time for me to go left..hahaha


cik @!en said...

achik sengal!!! haha

samuraiTHEslayer said...

go straight don't belok-belok