Sunday, November 1, 2009

my first poem...

i am totally sad rite now..
coz im lost my beloved one
always be with me all day nite long
always make me happy
always make me calm..always

i feel like im crying in the rain
no one one
the tears fall together with every drop of water from the rain life is persevere
severe to myself
together with the sorrow

so..where are you rite now?
did you get in the right hand?
is he or she like u like I used to be?
or someone who was very suck,stupid,damn,FHOSI?

hope u'll placed somewhere nicely
or being used legally
i'm exaggerated,fully emotional,totally regret
not being with you anymore
miss u so much,love u so much
hope u will remember me-who pay u at low yat plaza

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